The Africa Hub launched in May 2015 with the goal of enriching diversity within CAFNR and the University of Missouri campus.

As Africa plays an increasingly prominent role in all aspects of world affairs, we know the Africa Hub’s strength is MU’s robust network of researchers, teachers, and students from diverse disciplines whose works focus on or are developed in Africa.

With this network, the Africa Hub supports existing research and teaching at the university through new opportunities for grants, patents, economic development, and outreach. The Africa Hub enhances the prestige of our institution and lead to greater mutual understanding and a deeper knowledge about our history and future as human beings on this planet.

The Africa Hub has a strong commitment to robust public service by cultivating a space where scholars and students can deconstruct stereotypes about the African diaspora, explore the continent’s vast terrain, examine its diverse cultures and traditions, and illuminate pressing issues, thereby shaping new frontiers of knowledge that encourage and promote understanding and study of Africa.

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