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African Flags at the Columns in front of Jesse Hall Photo by Veli Thipe


The MU African Interdisciplinary Studies Hub (Africa Hub) will foster and strengthen research, teaching, innovation, economic development and outreach programs in and about Africa at the University of Missouri. MU AISH will produce and disseminate interdisciplinary and collaborative knowledge about Africa and knowledge created in Africa, for the benefit of all humanity living in a diverse and increasingly interconnected world.

MU Africa Hub pledges to continuously play an essential role in accomplishing the University of Missouri’s mission and commitment to robust public service by cultivating a space where scholars and students can deconstruct stereotypes about the continent, explore the vast terrain, examine diverse cultures and traditions, and illuminate pressing issues, thus shaping new frontiers of knowledge that encourage and promote understanding and study of Africa.


The MU African Interdisciplinary Studies Hub (MU Africa Hub) will give access to knowledge about Africa’s rich legacies and encourage cross-cultural perspectives.  The Africa Hub will provide all campus communities – administrators, faculty, staff, and students – in various capacities with the following:

  • Research: The Africa Hub will connect various disciplines at Mizzou to encourage interdisciplinary efforts. In the future, with necessary funding, the Africa Hub will support research in Africa by providing small stipends for travel to faculty, graduate, and Ph.D. students as well Post Docs.
  • Academics: Undergraduate and graduate students attending Mizzou can receive credit by filling out a study plan and taking courses as they wish. Through the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) and partnerships with other Colleges and Schools, the Africa Hub will provide curricular functions, including certifying students for graduation. Additionally, faculty members will be invited to create topic courses.
  • Study Abroad: Through the International Center and various colleges and schools, there is a myriad of options for students to travel to Africa. The hub can serve as a clearinghouse to connect students to opportunities in Africa, thus providing unique opportunities for cultural and language immersion, service learning and/or internships.
  • Programming: With the support of various Offices, Colleges, and Schools on our campus, as well as external stakeholders, the Africa Hub raises funds to host conferences, symposiums, lectures, exhibits, film series and cultural performances throughout the year. In the future, the Africa Hub hopes to partner with other African centers around the country.

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