Africa Hub Programs

Focus on Africa

Focus on Africa was started in 2014 in a partnership between College of Agriculture Food & Natural Resources (CAFNR), the Bond Life Sciences Center’s Life and Science Society Program (LSSP), and the Office of Research.

The purpose of Focus on Africa is to encourage MU Africanist scholars to meet each other, stimulate each other’s thinking, and potentially lead to the creation of broader research networks and joint scholarship. Faculty, visiting scholars, and graduate students are chosen to present their work and highlight the intersection among interdisciplinary perspectives.

Events are scheduled to take place on the first Wednesday of each month from 12 P.M. to 1 P.M. during the semester.

African Film Series

MU Africa Hub hosts events and programs that promote the study and understanding of Africa. Cinema is a powerful platform that can be utilized to support the Africa Hub’s goals as well as a space to debate political and cultural issues in our community.

African languages: Swahili Course

Elizabeth Kaganda, Instructor of Swahili course
Elizabeth Kaganda, Instructor of Swahili course

Swahili is spoken by an estimated 80 million people in East and Central Africa.  The vast majority of speakers of Swahili are native speakers of other African languages and use Swahili as a lingua franca. This course in elementary Swahili focuses on Swahili communicative competence including the foundation of Swahili grammar, self-expression, listening, pronunciation, reading, writing, conducting a basic conversation, interpretation, and presentation skills. Find the class under the Black Studies Department and the Honors College.

Mizzou & Africa

There are many ways to stay engaged with Africa on our campus, as a student, staff, or faculty member. Each year, Africa Hub organizes keynotes and special events for Black History Month, Women’s History Month, and Africa Week.

As a student, there are opportunities to pursue research and internships, take classes related to Africa, join a club, and study abroad in places across Africa.  For more information on study abroad, please visit International Programs or the study abroad office in your respective college.

Below is information about relevant student organizations on our campus: